Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

It may be easier to list things cats DON’T like. These don’t apply to all cats, because no cat is the same. While you are getting to know your kitty, you’ll soon know how your cat feels about the following-

  1. Don’t wake a sleeping cat. You get annoyed if you’re woken from the deep depths of your slumber, so do cats.
  2. Don’t pick up a cat. Most cats dislike being carried and they won’t be afraid to show their irritation.
  3. Cats love a good selfie, but avoid the flash.
  4. LOUD NOISES. Cats can be nervous creatures. Sounds like a door bell, fireworks, and yelling will send your cat fleeing for sanctuary under the bed.
  5. Cars. Kitties are prone to motion sickness and get anxious in unknown territory.
  6. You’ll find out quickly how your cat feels about water. Most house cats have a strong aversion to getting wet. They are great at cleaning themselves, why fix what works? See post on cat bathing tricks.
  7. Tummy rubs. Cats’ bellies are their most vulnerable area. A majority of cats will spring into defensive mode, full force claws.
  8. Mani/Pedis. Depending on your cat, nail trimmings can be a full on fight. They see it as taking away their first line of defense.
  9. Dirty litter boxes are an easy way to cause cat accidents. Cats are clean in nature and will prefer their litter boxes are the same.
  10. Cats will get irritated when there are strange cats intruding on their territory.

Cats, like humans, have different tastes. Not all ten may apply to your feline friend. You’ll know you’ve got a happy cat with a relaxed tail, forward facing whiskers, sleepy body posture, and of course purring. Cats can demonstrate happiness with head butting, slow blinking, or exposing their tummy. Though they may not like their tummy rubbed, showing you their belly is a sign of trust. How does your cat show their happiness?


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