Cat Cafe – Oakland

Cat Town Cafe, a cat cafe in Oakland

Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California offers a unique take on the popular cat cafe. Cat Town began as an all-volunteer foster-based rescue organization in 2011. Cat Town Cafe decided to put their California cats to work and earn their keep in the foster-based program. When you visit, feel free to openly envy the working animals as they take naps in the sun and enjoy endless attention. The cat cafe in Oakland focuses their program on under socialized kittens, shy, or older cats. The café partners with Adam Myatt from Hoodcats. The punny organization’s tag line is-“Oakland’s finest felines from the Cat Man of West Oakland (aka Adam Myatt).” Hoodcats and Cat Town Cafe has helped foster over 600 at-risk cats who have been termed “unadoptable” in the shelter environment. They focus on emptying more cages at shelters, while giving these fortunate felines an opportunity for quicker adoption and more attention. This allows otherwise stressed out kitties to relax and become active, loving pets.

The cafe charges patrons $10 an hour for as many snuggles, pets and cat love you can handle. The cover charge goes towards helping more stray kitties. To keep the feline frenzy at bay, reservations are required. The walls are decorated with cat inspired watercolors and online memes. Enjoy a pour over drip coffee from Bicycle Coffee, a wide selection of teas, and cookies. The employees are in uniform, with their favorite cat shirts. Talk about employee satisfaction! The only worry is having enough cat shirts to get through the week (check out this post to get your own).  Check out Cat Town Cafe, maybe pick up an application form while you’re at it.

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Twitter: @CatTownOakland

Interested in making a donation to Cat Town Café? Navigate here!

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