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Catfe, a cat cafe in Los Angeles

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Carlos Wong was inspired to bring cat cafes to California after living in Toyko. In Fall of 2014, Catfe a pop up cat cafe, opened it’s doors to Chinatown and cat lovers. The business fits right in with the locale, think Hello Kitty backpacks, quaint side streets, and tiny shops. The cat cafe in Los Angeles brings the fresh Toyko vibe with workers dressed as costume kitty maids and butlers. Patrons can enjoy coffee on tap while petting to DJ beats.

Catfe has partnered with local no-kill shelter, Best Friends L.A. to provide cat pets and on-site adoptions for feline lovers over the age of 18. Wong has also involved Chinatown Business Improvement district to follow all health codes and provide additional yummy treats. Guests can bring in food and beverages from Chinatown local restaurants such as, rice bowls from Chego, ice cream from Scoops, and boba milk tea from Ten Ren.

Feline fanatics can pay $30 to secure a 20 minute time slot with the kitties. Playing, petting, and taking selfies with the cats is strongly encouraged. Wong hopes to bring attention to animal situations in the L.A. area. “It’s not just about cats and coffee, it’s actually about a bigger message,” he said. “It’s about spreading animal awareness all around.”


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