Cat Cafe – Montreal

Le Café Des Chats, a cat cafe in Montréal

Coined North America’s first cat café, Le Café Des Chats opened it’s doors in 2014. Opening day welcomed hundreds of feline lovers. There was a line waiting to enter, which wrapped out the door and onto the sidewalk. This cat café is home to eight permanent kitties adopted from SPCA- Snow, Sidibou, Séa, Sauvageon, Peace, Munchkin, King Kong, and BigFoot. The café creates an opportunity to give shelter cats a second chance and bask in the attention provided by the café patrons. The feline tenants have free range of the place, other than the kitchen. Enjoy feline inspired coffee drinks and delicious snacks from the menu. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Cat Nap Chronicles recently paid a visit to Le Café Des Chats. The inviting atmosphere consists of a variety of seating options (from table and chairs to bean bag chairs). The walls are an exposed brick with cat appropriate decor and paintings. After ordering a Meowchiato, or an authentic Italian macchiato, not the imitation Starbucks version; the cats provided play time entertainment. The video below shows co-owner, cat lover, and coffee enthusiast, Nadine Spencer, playing with the beloved café fur balls.

Many reviews discussed the lack of interest the cats gave their patrons. With a large number of human playmates coming in and out of the café, it’s not surprising the fickle felines preferred to nap in the sun. You can read more reviews on Le Café Des Chats through Yelp! For visitors and residents of Montréal.

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