Cat Cafe – San Francisco

KitTea, a cat cafe in San Francisco

KitTea cat cafe partnered with Wonder Cat Rescue of San Francisco to provide adoptable cats and kittens in a relaxed, feline friendly atmosphere. KitTea emphasizes the need to slow down and relax with a cup of a tea and preferably a cat on your lap. They take this to heart with the adoption process too. KitTea wants the cats and humans to feel comfortable before adopting.

This cat cafe offers sweet and savor treats in cause you CATch an appetite. There are a variety of sandwiches, salads, cheesecake, and warm cookies. KitTea suggests patrons arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your reservation. The extra time allows for the check-in process and signing waivers. You can order your beverage and snack of choice before entering the Cat Lounge. The staff will prepare your order and serve you in the lounge. KitTea has walk-ins on the weekends and reservations throughout the week. Check out the site for more information and where to make your reservation.

KitTea not only offers a great way to relax with some cat time, but also hosts speakers and events. One popular session featuring a healthy pet coach, Jodi Ziskin, an animal RN, Robyn Kesnow, and a cat behavior consultant, Daniel “DQ” Quagliozzi present “How to be cat: Seminar + Q&A.” This session covers “Everything Cats Wish Humans Knew About How to Serve Them.” Catch “Friday Movie Nights” at KitTea, or stop by for yoga. This cat cafe in San Francisco hosts yoga classes during the week, so you can get your caturanga on with the zen of cats and yoga. Check out more events and ways to get involved on the KitTea website.

Check out the reviews on Yelp! Below is a video with KitTea’s owner and founder, Courtney Hatt. Courtney was tired of staring at her computer screen all day and wanted to work with animals and the community. The cat cafe concept has been able to provide both!

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