Cat Cafe – Washington DC

Crumbs & Whiskers, a cat cafe in Washington DC

Crumbs = Treats

Whiskers = Cats

Crumbs & Whiskers‘ slogan is “Adoptable cats. Yummy cake. Killer WIFI. It’s Fur Real.” This cat cafe in Washington DC brings creativity and humor to the city’s problem of homeless animals. There are typically around 20 foster cats in the cafe. Each one is chosen from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. The cats call Crumbs & Whiskers their home until they find their human and decide to settle down.

Reservations are required for a visit to this DC cat cafe. For $15, you can attend a 75 minute cat petting session. The cover fee helps keep a roof over the heads of your future feline friends. Check out the website for parent/child specials. Children under the age of 7 are not permitted at Crumbs & Whiskers. An adult will need to sign a waiver for children between the ages of 7 and 17.

We get the Whiskers part, but where’s the grub? Crumbs & Whiskers offers a variety of sweet treats and beverages prepared around the corner. We suggest you try the catuccino.

Crumbs & Whiskers adds a bit of hilarity to the cat cafe concept-

“Every idea starts with a problem. Ours started with two.
1. Cats shouldn’t live in shelters.
2. Cat lovers shouldn’t miss out on the joy of cats because of reasons like non pet friendly apartments or allergic boyfriends.
(PS. Reconsider that boyfriend).”

The website has even more punny tag lines, but we couldn’t include them all. Check out the Crumbs & Whiskers’ website for a giggle.

Make sure to join the Gentlemeow’s Club, where you can stay up to date on the latest kitty gossip, special offers, and….kitten parties! Watch an interview with the owner of Crumbs & Whiskers, Kanchan Singh, below. Singh started Crumbs & Whiskers after visiting a cat cafe in Thailand.

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