Cat Cafes

Cat cafes are the acceptable way to cheat on your cat, get some cat time in while you’re out of town, or enjoy the stress relief benefits of hanging with feline friends. Cat cafes offer a space for patrons to pay an hourly fee or cover charge to hang out with cats. No need to remember to pick up cat food on your way home from work, or clean the litter box, just the joys of hanging out with kitties. Many locations offer beverages and snacks, depending on local health codes. Most businesses will partner with a local animal shelter to help animals get adopted.

9521573097_27671251d9_bCat cafes originated in Taiwan. In 1998, the world’s first cat cafe, Cat Flower Garden, opened it’s doors and created a new cultural phenomenon. The idea caught on in Japan due to no pet policies in urban apartments. Japan now has over 150 cat cafes. The idea quickly spread to Asia, Europe, and cat cafes have been popping up all over the world.

When entering the enclosed cat area, or switching your attention to another kitty, expect to sanitize your hands. This is to protect the cats from germs that we carry. Be familiar with feline expressions. Cats show their discomfort by pinning their ears back or flipping their tails. Disrupting a peaceful cat nap or picking up a cat can result in a quick bite or scratch. Before bringing children into cat cafés, educate them on how to properly interact with animals. Avoid loud noises and only play with kitties that are showing their play faces.

10164920414_b3c4c1ce26_oCat Cafes are becoming more popular all over the world. If you’ve been to one of our featured cat cafés, leave a review in the comment section! Check out subsequent pages to find a popular cat cafe in your area!