Cats enjoy the outdoors. Most house pets aren’t well equipped to survive on their own outside. A catio, or a cat patio, is the purrfect solution for a bored, indoor house pet that needs more stimulation. Catios are outdoor enclosures that give pets the feeling of being outside, while still being protected in a safe environment.

Watching the birds, napping in the sun, and playing in the grass are kitty instincts. Being inside all day, everyday can get boring. As much as we want to let our cats outside to play, this can also create dangers for them. Natural predators (raccoon, coyote, dogs, etc.) and unnatural predators (being hit by a car) can put a cat’s safety at risk. Being outside can expose your kitty to diseases such as rabies and feline leukemia virus. There is always the risk of your pet getting lost and not returning home.



To keep your kitty content and also give you peace of mind, consider investing in a catio. These outdoor enclosures provide a stimulating habitat where they can sun bathe and catch up on their bird watching skills. There are different options and sizes of catios available.

Window perch catios are above ground attach to your house siding or window trim. The size of the catio will depend on the width and height of your window. This is a great alternative for city living when back yards aren’t always available.

Ground level catios offer a porch or patio like setting. Owners can enjoy ground level catios along side their pets. These structures include a human size door and a cat size door. This style will attach to the siding of your house.

Cat Nap Chronicles recommends Catio Spaces. Catio spaces provide a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your catio needs. They also offer do-it-yourself plans to build your own.

Think about investing in a catio for your feline friends. These safe enclosures provide a healthy and stimulating environment for your cat.

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