Wine for Cats

“I drink to make other people more interesting” – Ernst Hemingway.

There are negative connotations towards drinking alone. People think it’s not socially acceptable, or that you are suffering from depression. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bottle of wine… or two with your closest Friends (Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross). You no longer have to come up with excuses for not wanting to stay out until bar close with your pals, because now you can drink with your furrever friend. Japan has invented wine for cats! You can now argue that you aren’t drinking alone, but are in the presence of the most interesting creature you know.

The Japanese c16528646495_29fce00576_nompany, B&H Lifes, has created a product they call “Nyan Nyan Nouveau,” which means “meow nouveau.” This concoction is not an alcoholic beverage, but contains the feline version of the elixir of life- catnip. The cat wine could be compared to other non-alcoholic beverages like a kid’s beer, or a Shirley Temple. The beverage contains juice from Cabernet grapes, vitamin C, and traces of catnip to create a flavor similar to red wine.

B&H Lifes wanted to give cat lovers the opportunity to celebrate with their pets. You can now celebrate major life events in you and your cat’s relationship. Here are some ideas: your anniversary, your cat’s birthday (this could be everyday, because they always think it’s their birthday), Valentine’s day, and many other holidays. The cost per bottle is 399 yen, or about $4 U.S. dollars. B&H Lifes is only producing a limited quantity of their wine for cats, follow this link to make your purchase.

Warning – This is a slippery slope. Do not consume if within a 5 mile radius of Taco Bell, Petsmart, or McDonalds.


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