do cats fart

Do Cats Fart?

Have you ever wondered about feline flatulence? Well, be prepared to know than you probably wanted to know. Do Cats Fart? The short and easy answer is yes! But, you might as well keep reading to learn more.

Why Do Cats Have Gas?​

As a pet owner, you've probably already noticed that your cat rips a few farts every now and again. You probably also know that those farts are atrocious. This is because cat food has a lot of protein in it. Protein contains a lot of sulfur, which is what makes cat's farts so stinky.

​Can I Hear My Cat Fart?

​While cats do fart and you can smell them, it's not likely you'll hear them. Cats farts are potent, because they produce a small amount of gas, but it's highly concentrated.

You can't hear your cat's farts, because their gastrointestinal system doesn't build up pressure. So, their gas comes out slow and steady, instead of audible farts, like we humans create.​ Plus, they don't try to hold it in!

What Can I Do About It?​

​A little gas is normal for your cat. But if you're cat is having a lot of flatulence, especially if they seem uncomfortable, it's best to take them to a vet. 

Lots of gas from your cat could mean a number of things. Parasites, like worm infestations cause upset stomachs, ​diarrhea, and really bad smelling gas. Parasites are common in kittens and may be the culprit if you're nose hits something foul. 

Take a look at the kind of cat food you're feeding your feline friend. Lower quality cat foods usually have fillers in them, like beans, soybeans, corn, and ​other carbohydrates. These filler foods are hard for cats to digest, which causes gas in your cat and makes you run for the air freshener.

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Make sure to never feed your cat table scraps or people food. This not only can this cause digestive issues, but also behavioral problems too.​ A little extra exercise doesn't hurt either. 

Look for a cat food that has lots of protein. This helps them digest efficiently. Make sure the cat food doesn't have carbohydrates or grains as fillers. These are lower quality ingredients that make it difficult for your cat to finish their digestive process. 

Recommended Cat Foods for Gassy Cats​

best dry cat food

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If you're cat prefers wet food, try Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Cat Food. This organic cat food is high in protein, which is helpful for gassy kitties. Plus, there are a variety of flavors if you have a picky cat.

If you're more into the dry cat food game, give Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food a go. It provides lots of protein (yay, less farts) and no fillers and carbs! Ingredients include turkey, chicken, and fish. You can also expect all the daily nutrients your cat needs plus vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

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