Kitty Shack Review – As Seen On TV

Kitty Shack, As Seen on TV, is a plush 2-in-1 mat for your cat to lounge on. The mat can lay flat or be zipped up into a tube to create a kitty bed. The electrostatic material attracts hair to minimize shedding. The thick fabric traps body heat to create a cozy space. Two color options are available, brown and leopard print. This product is easy to transport and machine washable.

This is a relatively new product, therefore there haven’t been many reviews. The ones that have been provided mention the high quality materials and design. The zipper is durable as well. Customers have even suggested using the Kitty Shack for their small dogs.

Kitty Shack assumes your cat will prefer the thick mat to other types of furniture. It’s hard to conclude an already finicky creature’s complex behaviors. The bottom of the mat makes a crinkly sound when moved, which can startle cats. Another complaint mentioned when the Kitty Shack is zipped up, it will sometimes collapse on itself without a cat inside. This isn’t as enticing for a kitty looking for a space to snuggle.

The Kitty Shack is available for $14.95 + $6.95 for shipping and handling. They have a buy one get one free offer, but additional shipping for the second Kitty Shack is $4.95. This costs you about $27. Without knowing whether your cat will like the Kitty Shack, we suggest purchasing in stores without the offer for the second mat. This will save you about $12 in non-refundable shipping and handling fees should your cat not like it. Kitty Shack is available at PetSmart and Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99. Place the Kitty Shack in the sun to create an extra warm place for your cat to snooze.


Kitty Shack Verdict: Pawsitive

Kitty Shack

Kitty Shack

Cat Interest









          • Less cat hair
          • Multi Species
          • Durable


          • Doesn't stand on it's own
          • Cat preference

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