Nala Cat

Feast your eyes on the internet sensation, Nala, or commonly referred to as “Nala cat.” She is a 5 year old Siamese/Tabby mix living in Los Angeles. This cat has acquired over 2.4 million followers on Instagram and has been featured in Buzzfeed and The Daily Mail. Nala is quickly surpassing Grumpy Cat if this was a feline popularity contest.

Nala’s owner, Varisiri Mathachittiphanadopted her from a shelter in Los Angeles. The five month old kitten had been abandoned by her previous owners until adopted by Mathachittiphan. Mathachittiphan created an Instagram account for Nala to share with her friends and family back home. She had no idea that Nala would go viral.

What does Nala have that sets her apart from other kitties? Nala has extra large eyes that easily hypnotize you into wanting to cuddle her and religiously check the @Nala_cat instagram account. She is shorter than the normal cat, because her legs never fully developed. With an averaged sized torso this creates the purrfect cat loaf shape.   

Nala’s Instagram account shows a variety of cat poses and cat swag, most of which are available for purchase. Some favorites include bow ties, Nala pillows, shark inspired cat hats, and cardboard cat houses. Mathachittiphan is using Nala’s fame to raise awareness about animal shelters and the responsibility required to care for a pet.

Read more on the official Nala cat website and follow Nala on social media:

Facebook: Nala_cat

Instagram: @nala_cat

Below are some of our Nala cat favorites-


Nala throw pillow available online

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I just can’t stop being cute ? Nala shark hats available online A photo posted by nala_cat (@nala_cat) on

A shark ate me?

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