The Real Grumpy Cat

The real Grumpy Cat, or her real name- Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation in September 2012. Grumpy Cat began her infamous career on Redditt when her owner’s brother posted her picture on the social media and user generated news site. To prove Grumpy Cat did in fact exist, and wasn’t a creation from Photoshop, her owners began posting more pictures and videos. Her photo was upvoted 25,300 times within 48 hours on Reddit. It wasn’t long before Grumpy Cat went viral and is one of the most popular memes today.


What makes Grumpy Cat different from other cats? She was born with feline dwarfism, a genetic mutation that cause the bones and cartilage to be stunted. Normal traits of feline dwarfism include shorter legs, shorter jaw, larger nose, and crooked teeth. Most cats with the genetic disorder will have a spine that curves to one side and will not develop as quickly as other cats. The positive about feline dwarfism is it doesn’t negatively impact Grumpy Cat or others kitties. They can still grow up to be happy, healthy pets who are sometimes a little uncoordinated.

Grumpy Cat’s cantankerous face is now one of the most popular memes and has her own line of merchandise.  Grumpy Cat: No-It-All: Everything You Need to No is the latest book with a variety of Grumpy Cat approved “no’s.” The Grumpy Cat meme is a close up picture of her famously grouchy frown and her stamp of disapproval. Check out the newly released Grumpy Cat 2016 Wall Calendar for your monthly dose of “no.” The Grumpy Cat memes and products are hilarious for anyone who tends to see the glass half empty.

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